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Many things that we come across in house clearance can still be re-used and many people would still find them very useful. These items tend to be very common items that people use day to day.


Listed below is an example of the 8 Most Frequent things that we forward on to be recycled that could be of some use to yourself.

  • Clothes :- One of the most frequently thrown away things from a house clearance is clothes. This is Often because the person who’s house is getting cleared are often older aged and believe their clothes aren’t as fashionable or desirable. Here at W.K House Clearance we sort through all clothes to insure everything that is passed on to be reused can be. We donate all usable clothing to charity shops for them to sell on. Any items of clothing that is left we collect throughout the year and hand it over to another local charity who then also sells it on.


  • Curtains/bedding :- As above very frequently thrown away, yet much of it can be reused. Again all is sort at our base cleaned and donated to charity shops for resale. We also donate items like this to local cat and dog shelters.


  • Pots and pans :-  Another thing we find often are metal pots and pans although most of the time they have little resale value (stopping many charity shops from taking them in)
    When we can we collect all pots & pans and store at our warehouse and then donate to various charities who then weighs them in as scrap metal.


  • Cutlery:- Have you ever heard of the old saying being born with a silver spoon in your mouth?  How about when your having your tea, a lot of older people are using spoons/cutlery that are made of silver and they are unaware of this. If we ever come across items like this in a clearance we always ask the client what to do with the items either retain them for the customer or donate. Many customers instruct us to donate these therefore will be passed onto a charity of their choice.


  • Vinyl’s (lps):- often discarded as waste yet are still very collectable. This does not necessarily mean value but better than throwing them in landfill. They can also can be up-cycled, we have seen many examples in the past from when we have passed these items onto many organisations that have made clocks, bags, bowls and many other things out of vinyl’s.


  • CDs:- With the emergence of digital music, more and more cd’s are now discarded as very few are collectable . We usually donate to an up-cycling charity where again these are made into clocks, wind chimes dream catchers and many more.


  • Old paint:- This is the number one thing we come across in House Clearance. Often we can not take this, but however if we are close to a local charity that would be willing to take it in we have in the past cleared old paint and passed onto a nearby charity where they have taken it in and re-used. Many projects involving this run throughout the UK.


  • Tyres:- Due too recent changes/goverment cut backs we are finding more and more wheels and tyres on jobs that we pass on to a specialist recycling company that shread them and turn them into the run off at the side of motorways or exported for energy capture.

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