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Terms & Conditions

1. The business name of W.K House Clearance.

2. The services undertaken by W.K House Clearance are described by the term House Clearance.

3. House Clearance is used to describe the following services, any combination of which may be used during the job in question;
Removal of all contents for disposal.
Disposal whenever possible will mean recycling. There are however instances where recycling is not possible as local facilities do not exist.
The House Clearance may involve some items being broken up if they are too large, bulky or heavy for removal from the property in one piece, or in instances where removal in one piece may risk causing injury to staff or property.
Ownership of any items removed from the property transfers to (W.K House Clearance) our company to disposal as we see fit.
4. During the telephone calls/emails and other correspondence prior to the House Clearance job we (W.K House Clearance) will request the following information;
The full address and postcode of the property requiring clearing.
The size of the property, including the number of bedrooms and reception rooms.
Details of any lofts, sheds, garages, or outbuildings for clearance.
Details of any items of furniture or contents of the house which are large,heavy or unusual.
Details of parking and access to the property, and any other restrictions which may prevent us undertaking the house clearance in our normal manner.
5. Based on the information given in part (5) a fee will be quoted for the House Clearance. This fee will include the typical house clearance service, and any other specific add ons specifically discussed during the conversations and agreed with us.

6. The House Clearance fee will also include up to 1 ½ tonnes of waste removal and disposal. We (W.K House Clearance) have found from experience that this weight covers the clearance of most average three bedroom houses. If it looks likely that there will be excess weight then we (W.K House Clearance) will endeavour to bring this to the client’s attention at the start of the Property Clearance, or as soon as it is recognisable.

7. If any of the information requested in part (5) concerning the House Clearance is omitted, misrepresented or withheld then we (W.K House Clearance) reserve the right to charge an additional fee. The fee quoted will be based mainly on the anticipated time to clear the property, and the quantity and weight of items for removal and disposal. If any factor comes to light, not previously disclosed, which will increase the time taken to carry out the House Clearance, or will increase weight/volume of items requiring removal then a fee will be charged to cover these costs. As before, we (W.K House Clearance) will endeavour to bring this to the client’s attention at the start of the Property Clearance or as soon as it is recognisable.

8. Unless specifically instructed otherwise, all items will be removed from the property and disposed of as part of the House Clearance. Unless such items are described typically as fixtures and fittings (any item directly fitted to any wall).

9. Unless instructed otherwise, in a typical house clearance, we (W.K House Clearance) will leave carpets. If you require carpets to be uplifted, please agree this in the conversations prior to the fee quote. On occasion we (W.K House Clearance) may suggest uplifting carpets if they are in a particularly poor or smelly condition. We (W.K House Clearance) would do so on the belief that either removal will assist the sale of the property, or from previous experience that Housing Associations and councils will levy you as the client for the uplift, removal and disposal of said carpets.

10. We (W.K House Clearance) may charge an additional fee towards the removal of fridges and freezers due to restrictions regarding disposal of these items.

11. House Clearance Jobs are not written into the diary until the client specifically confirms that the house clearance is “booked”. At this point we (W.K House Clearance) will book in no other House Clearance for the date in question, and we (W.K House Clearance) will not book in House Clearances on adjoining days which would mean that we (W.K House Clearance) would not be able to undertake your House Clearance job as agreed.

12.The fee payable is due on the completion of the House Clearance. We (W.K House Clearance) require payment by either Cash, cheque or direct payment in to our bank account.

13.If you have an account then fees are due 14 days after the invoice date (which is normally the day the job has been completed.)

14. Accounts will only be available after 10 House Clearances have been completed and invoices have been settled. All accounts will have a credit limit of £3000, once this amount has been reach no further work will be accepted by (W.K House Clearance) our company until any and all outstanding invoice have been paid in full.

15. For House Clearance services, you will be supplied with one copy of a invoice. If you require any further documentation or additional copies of invoices please email your request to us at questions@wkhouseclearance.com, or in letter form to W.K House Clearance 15 Ouston Street Newcastle Upon Tyne NE156AS.

16. From the point that at house clearance is “booked” we (W.K House Clearance) will be turning down other House Clearance work with regard to the dates in question. It also means that the week’s work will be scheduled geographically to fit into a cohesive route and schedule.

17. Therefore, any cancellation of a House Clearance within 48 hours of the date booked will result in additional expense, and loss of income for us (W.K House Clearance). We (W.K House Clearance) would in such instances require a cancellation penalty of 50% of the fee quoted. Payable by Cheque or direct payment in to our bank account. This applies to individuals and company accounts.

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