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Help With Hoarding

Do you or a loved one need help with hoarding?


 How do you know you’re a hoarder?

Do you Experience severe anxiety about discarding possessions?

Do you avoid throwing away (recycling) possessions?

Do you considering thing like newspapers, magazines, paper and plastic bags, cardboard boxes, as possessions?

Do you have trouble making decisions about organizing possessions?

If you answered yes to more than one of the above then you could have a problem with hoarding,

Its ok you’re not alone Up to 3 million people are thought to suffer as hoarders in the UK

What is hoarding?

Compulsive hoarding is a symptom of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), Which is characterised by the overriding compulsion to acquire new possessions and store them in excessive and often dangerous quantities. Suffers often feel suspicious of other people touching possessions, Fear of running out of an item and needing it later, Feeling overwhelmed or embarrassed by possessions they often believe that will be useful or valuable in the future.

Why do people hoard?

Some experts believe hoarding is a survival instinct left over from when early man had to hunt and forage for himself, other experts believe it can be brought on by trauma or upbringing What can be agreed upon is that hoarding is an illness and if left untreated things will only get worse if left unchecked excessivehoarding can lead to Loss of living space inside the home (no place to eat, sleep, or cook),Social isolation, Family or marital problems ,Financial difficulties Health hazards and also a criminal record if your possessions are deemed got be a hazard to other people and your do nothing about it.

What can i do about my hoarding?

ok so first things first just getting rid of your belongings will not cure you, it’s a big step but if it’s the only step you take all you are doing is creating more space to hoard new things. You need to address the reason you are hoarding in the first place people often try to do this alone but we advise seeking professional help.

For help and advice on clearing yours or a loved ones home contact W.K House Clearance 

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 You can read more about hoarding here:




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