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House Furniture Clearance What is it ?

House Furniture clearance is when a dedicated clearance company come and clear a property of its Furniture . There are many reasons people decide they need a House Furniture Clearance service. This may be because someone is moving into a residential home, following a death, a business winding up, moving premises or downsizing. W.K House clearance is a National company covering the whole of the UK . We specialize in clearing homes, offices and other commercial properties. Having a house cleared professionally is a good way to make sure everything in a house is re-used where possible and that remaining items are disposed of or recycled correctly.

House Furniture Clearance How Does it Work ?

W.K House clearance will discuss with the client what the requirements of the job are. The cost of the work will be agreed before work commences (Cleaning and disposing of waste is included in the Furniture clearance fee). We turn up at our agreed time with our agreed workforce fully uniformed, trained and ready to go.

Clients having Furniture cleared will need to decide what to keep, what to get rid of and what to store before the day of the clearance.

It is best if a list is drawn up or a coding system is used to prevent any confusion later on, often we use a simple sticker system if it has a sticker we leave it. As we sort our Furniture clearance at our base there’s no need for you to worry about what happens with your old things.

House Furniture Clearance What Happens to My old Furniture ?

Your Furniture fall into 3 category’s

  1. Donatable (must have all safety tags intact)

  2. Recyclable

  3. Waste

we carefully sort through to ensure everything that is donatable is donated and anything that can be recycled is recycled, then only when we are 100% sure do we then hand our waste onto one of our trusted waste management centres.

House Furniture Clearance What Happens to The Waste?

Once donation and recycling have been explored, only the minimum amount of goods should need to be disposed of. W.K House clearance have contacts with waste management companies throughout  the uk and only use those that will further recycle the waste. House clearances are a good way to empty a property and make sure that as little waste as possible is generated at W.K House Clearance we try to be as green as possible.

"Just a quick message to thank the lads at W.K House Clearance for their exceptional work yesterday. 2 man crew , worked really hard to get everything packed and cleared. The furniture was really awkward to get out of the house and they were very calm and patient, very professional and certainly recommended for House Clearance. There is not many companies like this left out there."



Mr Embleton Blackburn-Lancashire. January 17, 2015

 For a low-stress professional service call W.K house clearance today

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E-MAIL: info@wkhouseclearance.com

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