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House Clearance

House Clearance as an industry only came into existence fairly recently in fact its origins can be traced back to the mid 50’s. With the introduction of machinery it was possible to mass produce furniture. New materials such as laminate, plywood and plastic made it possible to create new and stylish furniture at very reasonable prices (The ‘Ikea’ effect).

From this period onwards furniture became abundant and soon after the passing down of furniture and effects to other members of the family, or friends stopped as a result people found that they had a surplus belongings and would need a house clearance.

Hence the beginning of the house clearance industry.. In this period there would have been few, if any used furniture shops, around 1900.

In the 1960’s people really started getting interested in collectibles and furniture, and we saw the first of the ‘car boot sales’. Many quite valuable antiques and collectables would appear regularly at local boot sales, as family members would sell off possessions, not knowing what they were worth. Boot sales have now become one of the biggest pastimes for the and for many a way to make a living.

You may have seen the Antiques Road Show and the Boot Fair Challenge, which has made people aware of what their antiques and collectibles are worth, and that they may have a ‘fortune in their attic’.

With the appearance of the Internet and the popularity of certain auction based websites people are often fooled into thinking a house clearance is a job they can achieve themselves in a day and make £££ selling the contents unfortunately there are very few hidden gems left and many more hidden pitfalls. For example did you know you could be prosecuted for selling a sofa with out fire tags !!! or that fraudsters actively target bins and refuse sacks looking for personal information !!!

Sadly house clearance in England has become an expensive service, due to the cost of fuel and heavy (ever increasing) government landfill tax, which makes up nearly 75% of the tonnage price at all landfill sites.

W.K House clearance  have worked hard to keep prices as low as possible and at the same time to maintain a high standard of work. Our efficient recycling centre and reuse program make it possible to keep landfill to a minimum, protecting the environment and keeping prices down.

Our friendly, courteous team delivers efficient work within 48 hours notice. We carry out complete house clearances, all provided by a fully insured & licensed company.As part of our service our expert team of trained staff are on hand to carry out thorough and efficient property clearance. Whether you’re an individual homeowner, a landlord or a letting agent, our house clearance service takes in all waste disposal, rubbish clearance and garden clearance.

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