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Newcastle City Council Use Shocking Poster’s As Part of Campaign To Keep City Clean

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Newcastle City council has launched a shocking poster campaign aimed trying to keep their city clean called ‘keep it clean Newcastle” it will run through till march 2015 with posters being displayed in the city centre from this week.

Being aimed at the minority of city residents that think its OK to litter, not clean up after their pets and to fly tip. Despite them all being crimes that you can be prosecuted for and receive a criminal record and fine.

With people across the city are being urged to “do their bit to look after the city in 2015.”

The City Council will spend over £4 million this year clearing up the streets of Newcastle, but will no longer be able to spend this amount due to budget cuts.

Cllr Hazel Stephenson said: “There is a real need to change some people’s behaviour in Newcastle and stop them littering, fly tipping and not cleaning up after their dogs.

“And we know that it is this behaviour that annoys residents the most”..

“We know that our poster campaign may shock some people. We make no apologies for that, but we do hope that it will make people stop, think and deter them from dropping litter or failing to clean up after their pets.”

“And this campaign isn’t being run in isolation. It forms part of the overall work we are doing with communities to do more to look after their local area themselves”.

PIck up after your dog


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