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W.K House Clearance-Where Does It All Go?

One of our most Frequently Asked Questions about House Clearance is Where Does It All Go?

The short answer is we recycle as much as we can! –  On Average we recycle 90% of all household waste.  We forward on anything useful to various charities, animal shelters and recycling centres.

We ensure any sensitive materials (bank statements, credit cards etc) are all securely disposed of (destroyed) – keeping you safe from identity theft. Anything of any value that we find in your clearance, we will inform you, we regularly retain lost jewellery and forgotten cash!

w_k-house-clearance-tickOur expert staff sort through everything to ensure anything that can be donated is donated. We do not have a preferred charity, we donate to all. However if you would prefer we donated to a specific charity please make our staff aware.

w_k-house-clearance-tickWe ensure anything that can be recycled is sent to a trusted recycling centre, where everything that can be recycled is extracted. This is more cost-effective and environmentally friendly than sending it to landfill.

w_k-house-clearance-tickWe ensure that any sensitive materials e.g. bank statements, credit card bills is securely destroyed, keeping you or your loved ones safe from identity theft. Identity theft can take place whether the fraud victim is alive or deceased. 

w_k-house-clearance-tickWe are a registered waste carrier with the Environment Agency so we are legally allowed to carry your waste.

w_k-house-clearance-tickOver 90% of all House Clearance Contents is recycled.

w_k-house-clearance-tickWe are committed to being as green as we can be, check out our Environmental Policy.

w_k-house-clearance-tickEverything we do is geared up to send as little as possible to landfill.

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