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W.K House Clearance-What Can You Clear?

One of our most Frequently Asked Questions about House Clearance has to be What Can You Clear ?

The short answer is Almost Anything! We clear cluttered houses, verminous properties, garages, gardens, garden sheds, lofts and general junk both part clearance and full clearance 7 days a week. We also clear offices, factories, warehouses and clean residential and commercial properties too and many more!

w_k-house-clearance-tickFurniture :- We clear all furniture regardless of condition or firetags what furniture can be reused is donated and the rest is recycled.

w_k-house-clearance-tickJunk :- We clear all junk from scraps of paper through to animal mess, we have dealt with anything you can imagine and a few things maybe you wont be able to. Our professional well trained staff have many years of experience clearing homes. We work until the entire property is cleared and only leave when you are 100% happy that the property is cleared.

w_k-house-clearance-tickWhite Goods :- We clear all white goods, fridges, freezers, washers, driers cookers etc.. Whether they are working or not, rusty, old or even smashed, we will clear it all. Our expert trained staff will also disconnect all appliances too. Ensuring everything is safely disconnected preventing and accidents or injuries.

w_k-house-clearance-tickCarpets:- We will lift and clear all carpets, vinyls and flooring for you, ensuring they are all recycled or reused.

w_k-house-clearance-tickCurtains:- We will take down and clear any curtains, blinds, nets and fittings as requested.

w_k-house-clearance-tickElectronics:- We are fully licensed & insured WEEE waste Compliant & approved contractors for the environment agency. This enable us to clear all electronics TVs (CRT/Plasma/LCD/etc), computers, vacuum cleaners, sewing machines etc … Almost 90% of all electronics cleared are donated to charity.

w_k-house-clearance-tickGarden Furniture:- We clear all garden furniture, tables, chairs, pots, planters, shed/summer houses we can ceven dismantle everything for you if requested upon booking.

*Please note* We can not clear chemicals or paints often found in shed and gardens our expert staff will advise on how best to dispose of these for free.

w_k-house-clearance-tickTools :- We clear all tools and associated accessory’s, hammers, nails, screwdrivers, lawnmowers, saws, paint brushes and rollers etc.

*Please note* We can not clear paint however we can advise you on how best to dispose of this for free.

w_k-house-clearance-tickAlmost Anything:-  We clear Almost Anything !!! We CAN NOT clear paint, chemicals, asbestos or builders rubble.







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