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Do you need a house cleared in Dover? Our friendly, courteous team delivers efficient work within 48 hours notice. We carry out complete house clearances, all provided by a fully insured & licensed company. As part of our service our expert team of trained staff are on hand to carry out thorough and efficient property clearance. Whether you’re an individual homeowner, a landlord or a letting agent, our house clearance service takes in all waste disposal, rubbish clearance and garden clearance.

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* Useful Information Regarding House Clearance Dover *

From our past experience carrying out house clearances, we know that a lot of people travel a long way to deal with house clearance. With that in mind we have put together some useful information that may be useful to yourself to help during a House Clearance process.

Listed below is a few useful Contacts that are located in the Dover area.

Estate Agents

Tersons. 01304 202173 (27-29, Castle St,  Dover, CT16 1PT)

Halhams. 01304 240801 (47 Castle St,  Dover, CT16 1PT)

Ward & Partners. 1304 214876 (8-9, Cannon St,  Dover, CT16 1BY)


Stilwell & Harby. 01304 206850 (110 Maison Dieu Rd,  Dover, CT16 1RT)

Bradleys. 01304 804597 (15-21 Castle Street,  Dover, CT16 1PU)

Emmerson Brown & Brown. 01304 211766 (20 Castle St,  Dover, CT16 1PW)


Hubert House. 01304 202253 (9 Castle Hill Road,  Dover, CT16 1QW)

Blakes Of Dover. 01304 202194 (52 Castle Street,  Dover, CT16 1PJ)

The County Hotel. 01304 509955 (Townwall St,  Dover, CT16 1SZ)


For a low-stress professional service call W.K House Clearance today

FREEPHONE: 0800 4714763

MOBILE: 07555134300

E-MAIL: info@wkhouseclearance.com

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