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As you may have never dealt with a house clearance company before, we found that it was helpful to outline previous house clearance we have carried out recently. This gives new clients some understanding of the clearance process. If you have a house that needs cleared throughout England Scotland or Wales, call W.K House Clearance today 0800 471 4763.

CLEARANCE DATE: WED 14 January 2015 (a very windy day, I’m glad i was in the office and not out with the team in the van)

PROPERTY LOCATION: Springfield Park, Kinross, Kinross-Shire KY13

CLEARANCE TYPE: Full House And Garage Clearance

PROPERTY TYPE: 2-Bedroom-House


Clearance Requirements

We were called and asked to clear a 2 bedroom end terraced property and the garage of a 2 bed house situated within Kinross, Kinross-Shire KY13. We had been forewarned that the deceased man was a hoarder, had a pet dog and the property was in a very bad state. We where instructed that the key had been left in the key safe outside of the property and given the code so we could access the property.

Clearance Overview

We were required to clear the entire contents of the property and garage. As this is what we term as a verminous job (excess rubbish and in this case a large amount of animal excrement) the team had to where full P.P.E equipment including disposable paper overalls and respirator (a dust mask just is not up to the job). Parking was ample and we managed to park within feet of the door.

Disposal of Contents

In this case there was a very large amount of rubbish and general mess all over the property that had to be cleared before we could even consider which items could be donated to a local charity. Over 50 refuse sacks later and a load to the local recycling centre we felt we had started making a dent in the amount of things the man had left behind with over a 1000 books to clear we knew we had our work cut out but by mid afternoon and a further load to a local charity furniture centre. The team only had the garage left to tackle which strangely enough seem to be the mans escape from the mess he had created in the house. His hoarding was however still very evident due to everything be labelled and the fact we found over 20 cans full of WD40, which we put to good use and finally fixed the squeak on the office door.

Client Comments

The client in this case was the deceased mans sister-in-law who lived in Norwich and couldn’t get to the property herself and needed it cleared to pass it back over to the local authority who had already threatened them with a £2000 bill to clear the property,She commented ” Thank god you have done it there’s no way we could have afforded the councils bill ” The council officer who came to collect the keep from the team was even more impressed saying it would have taken her team at least 3 days.

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