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As you may have never dealt with a house clearance company before, we found that it was helpful to outline previous House Clearance we have carried out recently. This gives new clients some understanding of the clearance process. If you have a house that needs cleared through out England Scotland or Wales call W.K House Clearance today 0800 471 4763.


PROPERTY LOCATION: Nith Drive, Renfrew, Renfrewshire, PA4

CLEARANCE TYPE: Partial Bungalow Clearance

PROPERTY TYPE: 3-Bedroom-Bungalow

RENFREW:  The “Cradle of the Royal Stewarts” is a town that lies to the north-east of Renfrewshire between two rivers, the Clyde and the Cart situated only 6 miles (10 km) outside of Glasgow in the west-central Lowlands of Scotland. Read more useful information about House Clearance Renfrew.

Clearance Requirements

We were contacted by the son-in-law of the late house holder who had attempted to clearance the property himself but after a week of trying called us in to complete the clearance .When the property was cleared it was to be sold.

Clearance Overview

The team arrived on site just before 9am to meet the client who was going to be on site throughout the clearance. After the teams initial walk through they set to work on the property clearance, there where several large items of furniture including a what the team described as possibly the heaviest sofa bed they had come across in their years of house clearance.

Disposal of Contents

Most of the contents from the property clearance was in very good condition and was donated to several local charities. However the afore mentioned sofa bed was lacking the necessary fire tags and had to be sent to a recycling centre. The late homeowner had been a “Cue Doctor” for several world champion snooker players and the client kindly gave one of our staff members a hand-made snooker cue.

Client Comments

The client who had been present during the house clearance was very impressed with how fast and diligent the team where who didn’t stop working till the property was cleared. The customer commented “I’m very impressed with the standard of work, the team where quick sand very friendly”

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