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W.K House Clearance Charity Donations

Here at W.K House Clearance we aim to donate or recycle at least 80% of everything we clear.
We donate as much of your unwanted items to local charity shops as we can. We usually ask our customers if they have a preferred charity they wish to have the items donated to. Anything that can’t be donated is carefully sorted to be recycled.

Below is a few of the most common charities that we support.


Donating items from a House Clearance to various charities reduces the amount of material that we would pass onto landfill and at the same time creates a big opportunity to re-use a considerable amount of House Clearance furniture and effects.

The donation of all household goods & furniture to a charity is a very important part of our company’s re-use policy. Reusing something again is a great way at prolonging its life and keeping things from ending up in landfill. Our Team will donate all your old, unwanted furniture and belongings to local charities in your area, What cant be donated to our local charities will be forwarded onto a pro recycling centre to be recycled. We also donate lot of clothing and books.


What Happens to My old Furniture ?

Your Furniture fall into 3 category’s

  1. Donatable (must have all safety tags intact)

  2. Recyclable

  3. Waste

We carefully sort through to ensure everything that is donatable is donated and anything that can be recycled is recycled, then only when we are 100% sure do we then hand our waste onto one of our trusted waste management centres. W.K House Clearance have a storage warehouse where items are kept and sorted before passing onto charities.


What Happens to The Waste?

Once donation and recycling have been explored, only the minimum amount of goods should need to be disposed of. W.K House clearance have contacts with waste management companies throughout  the uk and only use those that will further recycle the waste. House clearances are a good way to empty a property and make sure that as little waste as possible is generated at W.K House Clearance we try to be as green as possible.

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