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House Clearance Aberdeen Scotland AB11

CLEARANCE DATE: 27th January 2015

PROPERTY LOCATION: Exchange Street, Aberdeen, Scotland, AB11

CLEARANCE TYPE: Full Flat Clearance

PROPERTY TYPE: 1-Bedroom-First-Floor-Flat

Clearance Requirements

We were contacted by a local estate agent, who had to evict the previous tenant and after giving them ample opportunity to clear their remaining things from the property, the estate agent had a flat that he could not let as it was full of furniture and other household items.

Clearance Overview

The team collected the keys to the property from the estate agent at 8.30am on the day of the clearance and fought their way through the rush our traffic making it to the job in plenty of time.There was ample parking that was pay and display and the team managed to get opposite the door. The flat was on the first floor with no lift so everything had to be carried down the stairs and through the communal hallway and through to the external door. Fortunately the property wasn’t to messy so was a straight forward job of clearing out the unwanted furniture. We had already received a list of things the estate agent had asked us to leave in the property, the first job was labelling the items to remain after this was done the team dismantled the remaining furniture and packed up the loose items.

Disposal of Contents

All of the furniture was in good usable condition but with very little value like most flat pack they were donated to a local charity shop. These included a sofa and chairs, bed frame, coffee table and dinning table. After everything was donated and recycled there was only one bag of waste from this job.

Client Comments

When the estate agent arrived to inspect the teams work he was very impressed saying he wished he tenants would leave their property like that when they left.

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Our friendly, courteous team delivers efficient work within 48 hours notice. We carry out complete house clearances, all provided by a fully insured & licensed company.As part of our service our expert team of trained staff are on hand to carry out thorough and efficient property clearance. Whether you’re an individual homeowner, a landlord or a letting agent, our house clearance service takes in all waste disposal, rubbish clearance and garden clearance.

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