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The cost of a D.I.Y House Clearance

The cost of a D.I.Y House Clearance

We have all been there before you need some work done, rang around got some quotes in and thought “I could do it my self cheaper” you only have to look at shows like DIY S.O.S to see that it doesn’t always work out. Usually because of 1 reason running out of money and House Clearance is no different. Have you thought about all the cost before decide to do your own House Clearance.

The Cost Of Things You Will Need

  1. A large van, preferably a Luton with a tail lift or a lo-loader to save your back, expect to pay £70-£120 per day plus you will need to pay a refundable deposit of between £250-£500 (you can use your own car but it’s not worth the wear and tear and the damage that can be caused).
  • Fuel, depending on how far you are away from the local tip and charities, you should expect to do one or two tips to the dump and numerous trips to charity shops and recycling points £20-£80.
  • A permit, to enter your local tip in a van, most tips have a height restriction, so make sure you can access the site, (please be aware it can take over a month for this to arrive). Unless you are a registered waste carrier you cannot dispose of your waste at a private waste transfer station (recycling centre) FREE.
  • If You don’t have the time to wait for a permit to take a van into the tip you could hire skips between £150-£300 per skip allow at least 2 skips £300-£600 Plus £25-£50 for permit to leave skip on street even if it’s just an hour.
  • Two to three fit and strong people with a spare day or two. Weekends are out the question as most recycling centres are closed. Wages for two to three people £240-£300
  • Lots of Heavy duty refuse sacks £10-£20.
  • Lots and lots of boxes you may get lucky at your local supermarket if not expect to pay – £25-£50.
  • Straps for fastening furniture and boxes in place whilst in transit ratchet straps are ideal for larger heavier items to avoid damage to van(remember the deposit) and other items £10-£30.
  • Stiff broom, soft broom and a dust pan & brush for brushing out hardwood and tiled floors, garage and patio etc.
  • PPE – Dust masks, gloves, paper overalls £30-£100.

In total you will need between about £1000 – £1500 to do a D.I.Y House Clearance based on an average 2 bed house. Compared to this you will find W.K House Clearance a lot less stressful and a lot easier on your wallet.

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