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The long running saga to get a ‘mountain’ of rubbish cleared, between the Environment Agency and  Robert McNaughton the director of Brierley Hill-based Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) has taking another twist after the Environment Agency announced it has obtained a writ for seizure of the assets of McNaughton and RDF. The battle started in early 2012 when local residents complained about the giant ‘mountain’ of rubbish outside RDF which at one point was more than 13m tall and towering over the top of the homes of local residents.

After repeated attempts to have the site cleared McNaughton missed several deadlines and was jailed for 6 months in December 2013. The company claiming in its defence they did not have the money to clear the waste. But in the most recent twist a statement issued by the environment it said “Enforcement officers have visited both Mr McNaughton and the company, and are currently investigating what assets can be seized,” and we are taking legal advice on what could be done to get the rest of the waste cleared. One thing is for sure this saga shows no sign of ending any time soon.

Written and edited by Ian Moone W.K House Clearance article writer

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