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W.K House Clearance-Surprising Paper Consumption Is Rising.

Going into 2015 one of the most surprising facts of the year is paper consumption is rising. Despite the explosion of digital technology with such things as smartphones and e-readers and many company’s throughout the world now introducing the ‘paperless office’. The fact still remains the global demand for paper is rising and while in Europe and america this has led to a drop in consumption of ‘traditional’ paper products (books, magazines and newspapers) has fallen consumer demand for such products as cardboard, toilet tissue and paper towels is rising and shows no sign of stopping. That is why Reducing, Reusing and Recycling paper is so vitally important now more so than ever.

The good news is that practically all paper products  (books and magazines included) are either recyclable or bio degradable meaning that when paper products make it to landfill they will rot away. The problem being this rotting process produces green house gasses and means there is less wood pulp to create new paper. Meaning more tress are cut down to make new paper but with a few adjustments we can reduce of hem amount paper we use, reuse where ever possible and recycle as much as possible.

Think about it next time you’re at the supermarket try looking for food that has recycled packets or uses less cardboard than others ( do you really need a box when a cardboard sleeve would have done). Paper towels to some are an amazing convenience but really do you need it tea towels are just as easy and hygienic(keep them clean and please use separate ones for cleaning up and drying dishes). Almost all newspapers and magazines have a digital version do you really need which is usually a lot more up to date on news.

Newspapers, magazines and books can be reused there are a lot of places that will take your old newspapers and magazines from you to reuse. Could your local doctors/dentist surgery do with some new reading material. Some local libraries will take donations of old books and even magazines, providing they are in good condition. Donation to your local charity shop is also a good idea they will take in our old books and sell them on or recycle them for you.

We must recycle as much as possible practically all paper can be recycled with very little effort on your part. All councils in the UK run at least fortnightly collections on recyclable waste some have recycling points as do most local supermarkets. All we have to do is ensure we fully use these facilities and only the very minimum is sent to landfill. We must act now never has it been easier to do your bit for the environment and reduce our reliance on paper.

DID YOU KNOW ?? less than 50% of the wood pulp produced in 2013 was made into ‘traditional’ paper products most was used for things like cardboard packaging, toilet tissue and paper towels.

Written and edited by Ian Moone, W.K House Clearance article writer

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