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Things To Consider When Choosing A House Clearance Company

Here at W.K House Clearance we specialise in clearing houses 7 days a week throughout England Scotland and Wales. We have been clearing houses for over a decade! Whether clearing the home of a deceased relative, or preparing a house for a sale or letting we make House clearance easy.

We are a family run business with many years experience clearing houses, we can solve all aspects of House Clearance, we clear houses, garages, sheds, loft spaces & more..

When choosing a house clearance company there are many things to consider but usually comes down to 2 main factors. The price and “what happens to my waste?”. You can read about House Clearance HERE to give you a general idea what it is and what happens to your waste.

Dont be fooled ! No company will clear your entire house for free, even to clear just 1 bag of rubbish you will be charged. Or as we find on many of our jobs, a company (usually not registered with the environment agency) will offer to clear your house for free turn up and take anything that has a resale value (the things we donate) and disappear leaving you with a house of what effectively is now just waste. The usual excuse being “sorry the van has broke down we wont be able to return to clear the rest of the property”.

If you have called around various House Clearance companies you may wonder why some quotes are so cheap, then alarm bells have to sound “what is going to happen to my waste?” . As there are taxes waste will always be created from a House Clearance it is something that has to be carefully managed as sending things to landfill can be very expensive. Ranging from £100-£600 (for hazardous waste) a ton.

So why are some company’s so cheap? 2 words FLY-TIPPING.

What is FLY-TIPPING? This is when waste is dumped illegally instead of using an authorised method. What usually happens is the company turn up, clear your property and your waste ends up in a country lane or secluded beauty spot, and guess what… you can still be held responsible for the Fly-Tipping as if you had taken it there and dumped it your self. Leaving you open for prosecution you could end up with a limitless fine or in extreme cases even spend time in jail.

fly tipping

DID YOU KNOW ??  Eighteen years ago, Britain’s first eco tax was introduced : the 1996 Landfill Tax, which brought us into line with the EU directive on waste. Its purpose was to make Britain dispose of its rubbish in a more eco-friendly way. Traditionally, we had been able to get rid of it cheaply by burying it. The tax was designed to discourage from this practice by making it progressively more expensive.

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