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W.K House Clearance-Vintage Parker ’62’ Pen Set Found During Falkirk House Clearance Scotland

Falkirk House Clearance

W.K House clearance Carried a House Clearance in Falkirk, Scotland. Whilst in the process of clearing the house contents much of which was donated to a local charity. In a draw of a telephone cabinet in the passage we came across a box marked ‘Parker’. Now to most people this would just be an old pen that would have either been thrown away or used like a biro, in fact when we handed it over the client they went to use it to write out our customer satisfaction form.

Our dedicated trained staff had already identified it as a vintage Parker ’62’ pen set with gold filled caps still in its original box. A solid gold Parker ’62’ can sell for upwards of £400 but as this set was not solid gold but still sold for a very respectful £113 after costs.

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Whilst Most of the things we find during house clearances have very little monetary value therefore are donated to various charities. There is still occasions things that we do find that have been lost in the past or have a lot of sentimental value to our customers or even do have value.

If W.K House Clearance do come across something of value we will always advise the customer and put to one side . With our experience most of the time we are able to give the customer advice about the item, apart from the usual things you would think had value i.e money or jewellery. We have in the past found items that on the face of it are worth penny’s but are in fact worth £££.

We carry out complete house clearances throughout the UK clearing anything requested such as furniture, carpets, unwanted junk, fridges, washing machines and clothing. We often come across important items such as paperwork and items of value like jewellery, forgotten money and antiques. 

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