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As you may have never dealt with a house clearance company before, we found that it was helpful to outline previous house clearance we have carried out recently. This gives new clients some understanding of the clearance process. If you have a house that needs cleared throughout England, Scotland or Wales call W.K House Clearance today 0800 471 4763.

CLEARANCE DATE: Fri 23rd Jan 2015

PROPERTY LOCATION: :Avebury Place, Cramlington, Northumberland NE23

CLEARANCE TYPE: Full Clearance

PROPERTY TYPE: 3-Bedroom-House

Clearance Requirements

We were contacted by Sophie’s Cleaning Company who specialise in End of Tenancy Cleans throughout the North East of England. They had been instructed to clean a 3 bedroom house. When they got there however they realised the house needed a house clearance before it could be cleaned.

Clearance Overview

We were required to clear all the contents. Most of the household effects had already been removed as this was an end of tenancy clearance and we were left with the residue, which included some items of furniture (which had all been broken or vandalised), general household contents and waste and also a Christmas tree. There was off street parking available.

Disposal of Contents

In this case the furniture consisted of 2 sofas (vandalised so had to be sent for recycling, Small TV( old style CRT type), a divan bed base and chest of drawers. The rest was general waste and old broken toys which was disposed of at the local recycling centre.

Client Comments

The client in this case was a Landlord who could not be present at house clearance, but the girls from Sophie’s cleaning company where very impressed and could get on and tackle the end of tenancy clean.


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