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W.K House Clearance-5 Most Hoarded Things

When doing house clearances you come across a wide range of things some weird and             wonderful some slightly more mundane. W.K House Clearance have come up with a list of the 5 most hoarded things.

hoarded house

1) Newspaper

This is the number one thing we find in hoarded house clearances usually its the first thing people start to hoard and strangely enough most of them seem unread.

W.K House Clearance top tip *If you havent read it the day it was issued, recycle it*


Although clothes are a necessity the volume you can find on some house clearances is amazing. This was particularly evident when we cleared a lady’s home of over 300 dresses.

W.K House Clearance top tip *If you don’t wear it donate it*


I was going to include shoes in with clothes but the amount of shoes that are found in house clearances is simply staggering. Whats more amazing is that more unworn shoes are found.

W.K House Clearance top tip *If you don’t wear them donate them*

4)Plastic bags

OK i get it, plastic bags are useful but do you really need 100’s of them? Are you ever going to take them back to the shop to use again… Its time to say good-bye to the draw full.

W.K House Clearances top tip *Recycle, donate, reuse them just please don’t bin them*

5)Canned Food  

In times gone by, Britain relied on canned foods but they have become less part of our diet, maybe this is the reason that the team come across so much canned food. Although we are not saying that stocking up with over 20 tins of the same thing is over kill.

W.K House Clearance top tip * keep a list of what’s in your cupboard that way you will know that really another 3 tins of beans isn’t needed*




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