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W.K House Clearance-The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread… Maybe Its Time For A New Idiom

Britain as a whole, throw away food more than any other item we see. This is evident particularly when we carry out a house clearance on the home of a hoarder. Most of the time we will find masses of tinned food and newspapers but that is a complete separate article. For now we will focus on the fact that every month on average, Britains throw away £60 of food !

What is thrown away ?

The most frequent thing thrown away is sliced bread, Maybe its time to pick a new  “best thing since” with over 24 million slices thrown away each year, its the clear leader followed by potatoes at just under 6 million.

Why is so much thrown away ?

The usual answer is ” I forgot it was there and when i checked it was out of date. ”  Are these dates that are put on products set in stone?

What can I do?

W.K house clearances simple tip is to learn the difference between ‘best before’ and ‘use by’.

‘Best Before’  is a recommended use by date and it states that ‘ To enjoy this product at its best it should be consumed by this date ‘. This is a recommendation and not a que for you to throw it in the bin, use common sense and if there are any funny smells or you’re not sure, its best to leave it. With some products it is just meaningless honey, for example… It has a date on it yet it never goes bad, potatoes are throww away but unless they have turned green they are perfectly safe to eat and although bread does not last as long, as long as it has not grown mould, it is fine to eat. (Even better than fresh bread for toast.)

A similar situation with tinned food…  As long as the can is in tact and not swollen, the contents are usually fine to eat for years after the best before date. If you have some canned foods that have past there best before date, please dont just bin them check with your local food bank to see if they will take them in, some will be happy to receive them.

‘Use By Date’ this is a more concrete date. ‘Use By Date’ is usually shown on products like meat and dairy also products that will not be further cooked. W.K House Clearance does not suggest that you start eating products that are over these dates, but you can prolong the life of things with a use by date by freezing them. It is reccomeneded for best result, you freeze as soon as you buy them however freezing on the use by date is also fine.

If you need help with your or a loved ones hoarding W.K House Clearance can help !


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