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W.K House Clearance have put together a few useful tips for people who are thinking of clearing a house themselves like everything in life, a House Clearance can be taken on by an untrained individuals but to get professional stress free results you will have to employ a reputable company. That being said we hope the following tips will help you.

1) Preparation is key to getting the house clearance done, turning up at the property and winging it will only lead to headaches and stress.

2) Allow enough time for yourself to do the work after doing much research the suggested time to leave your self is half a day per room per 2 people if you are tackling it alone a day a room to get sorted and cleared is recommended.

3) Decide what is going to happen to everything in the property are you going to hire several skips and send it all to land fill, are you going to donate it, could you sell some of it (again if you are going down this route allow plenty of time to sell items).

4) Separate all the dangerous or hazardous things and arrange proper disposal of these things (think paint, cleaning fluid, chemicals, old medicines and things made from asbestos in older people’s homes you will be surprised which things contain asbestos i.e pan stands, old lamps, heaters , fire blankets the list goes on).

5) If the property to be cleared is particularly dirty or verminous then P.P.E (personal protection equipment) must be used. Dust, mould and faecal matter will not do your respiratory system any good at all.

6) It is your responsibility to ensure that all laws are followed when carrying out a house clearance if your going to use skips ensure you have gotten a permit to leave it on the road, if you are a landlord you will need to register with the environment agency if you are going to transport any waste that includes furniture that is no longer required !!!

7) Forget all the above tips and get a professional reputable company in to do the house clearance. W.K House Clearance can clear most property’s within a day leaving you with nothing to worry about. We are registered with the environment agency for carrying your waste. We have contacts throughout the UK where we can donate or recycle the contents of a House Clearance too and don’t worry if we come across something of value we will advise you on how to get the maximum amount for it.

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* Please Note we DO NOT buy or sell House Contents but can advise you on the best course of action.*

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